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  1. The thread of books to further audio knowledge
  2. The list of places that are best to do business with regarding audio purchases
  3. Dayton Reference Series DVC sub
  4. CA&E Reviews Kicker IX500.4 Amp
  5. Informative TI white paper on digital audio levels
  6. LR2+LR2=LR4? Stacking crossovers discussion.
  7. Kicker Comp. 12" 8ohm???
  8. Doppler effect in audio?
  9. Efficiency ratings and perceived volume
  10. Just in case anyone ever doubted that Arc Audio is just a reseller of Ubuy amps...
  11. Magical Mystery Amp gut shots
  12. Broken amp??? Anyone work on them?
  13. Component x-over wiring questions
  14. The Customization Materials Thread
  15. Opinions on Kappa Five amplifiers
  16. Amp power at 8 ohms
  17. Kenwood kdc-mp5032
  18. 8" vs 10" --Nearly Same Despite Size Difference?
  19. Wiring questions?
  20. Allright, I'm gonna do something completely ignorant.. Because I can.
  21. Treo???
  22. Markaudio 4" full range.
  23. Amp kits from classdaudio.com or others, anyone used ‘em?
  24. Do We Have a Qualified Amp/Electronics Tester Among Us?
  25. Considering a switch to Bitone. School me on Coax/Optical input options.
  26. Midbass Arrays
  27. Question about center channel/windshield reflections
  28. IVA-w203/NAV-p1 bluetooth problem.
  29. 8" midbass questions
  30. Kick Pod Variants
  31. Good beginner article on what happens with amplifiers.
  32. IB vs ported vs sealed pros cons of each
  33. Let's talk clipping and speaker failure.
  34. Sharing or splitting an amp's power supply
  35. Wanted: Advice, experience, and some crazy imagination for new build
  36. New Member - Seeking advice on a SQ set up...
  37. Here we go - What amps?
  38. I am getting a crazy buzz!
  39. Does USB=IPOD DAC Bypass?
  40. Got a good one to run through your brains.
  41. Calibrating the MS-8 while driving?
  42. valet switch/relay
  43. help with "overall electric speaker response" on Bit One's crossover settings
  44. Dispersion...
  45. JBL 2118 in a 2000 Jetta mounting options.
  46. Yahoo article on "10 songs to listen to in your car"
  47. Anyone have experience with Acoustic Elegance?
  48. Regular Port vs. AeroPort?
  49. 8's that play down to 50hz
  50. Finishing Procedures -- Painting your fiberglass molds
  51. Chamfering the back side of a baffle cutout
  52. "Defeat" Setting on Head Unit
  53. Back EMF and Passive Crossovers
  54. how to hold down spare tire sub
  55. Help! I'm on a Power Trip!
  56. Thinking about a 1-way front stage...
  57. ProSoundWeb - Top 10 Concepts Audio Pofessionals Must Know
  58. Subwoofer dust cap failure
  59. miniDSP -who has used it. how did it work for you
  60. "Pulsing" Headlights
  61. Rear fill bandwidth?
  62. Insane amp noise
  63. An interesting technical discussion on the new Alpine PDX amps
  64. I don't even...
  65. Veritas Horns - Could use some input.
  66. Passive Network
  67. Adding Flexibility to the MS-8
  68. Any experience with the new Butler Audio Tube Driver Blue's?
  69. Input Sensitivity vs. Output Sensitivity
  70. SB Acoustics
  71. Double-DIN nav units
  72. ports
  73. Who has had experience with W6v2's? (Porting Question)
  74. DIY FM frequency band expander?
  75. Is there any such thing as a VFM SQ upgrade?
  76. Alpine Bluetooth Adapter.
  77. Kick Panel enclosures
  78. Tweeter Comparable to Output of Horns
  79. Interesting find
  80. Need some amp selection insight.
  81. Monoblock amp capable <20Hz
  82. Subwoofer Orientation Question, Specific question based on vehicle.
  83. Anyone used a Harrison Labs subsonic filter?
  84. Got a little present yesterday
  85. Will a sub cool a amp?
  86. How hard would it be to tap into the I2S output of a head unit's DSP chip?
  87. Using Rear Deck Speakers with Infinite Baffle Subs
  88. The Wifes Corolla
  89. Audio terminology
  90. Augmented Widebander System Planning & Help
  91. Can anyone tell me a safe way to remove a bucking magnet?
  92. Aura Buyout Drivers
  93. Imprint
  94. All in the kicks, or split to kicks and A pillars?
  95. Anybody tried/heard the new Vifa NE drivers?
  96. RCA/interconnect
  97. Using TSPs to determine MIDBASS enclosure size?
  98. Driver design
  99. install wiring for amps, speakers,etc
  100. Asymmetrical Crossover Slopes
  101. Driver Frequency Charts
  102. Using the windshield as a waveguide with planars/ribbons
  103. Why Does Kinetic Recommend Two Batteries?
  104. infinite baffle 10"
  105. Up front bass -- Just an illusion?
  106. Visual EQ interaction display.
  107. Any ill effects when midrange is in a small enclosure?
  108. Bit one hiss
  109. Water inside doors
  110. Materials used to seal holes in door skins
  111. Time fora new batt. Suggestions
  112. Soundstage way too high
  113. Wow, Scan car speakers!
  114. Memphis EQ
  115. Ultra-high Molecular Weight Poly
  116. Great concept - but $1295? Chad, this is your opportunity!
  117. EQ Points Outside Crossover Region
  118. What to do with what I have
  119. Filling gap between door skin and speaker baffle?
  120. How To (or can somone) Create test tones for tuning?
  121. Non-iPod personal media players
  122. New Dynaudio Esotar2 Passive Crossovers Coming Soon!!!
  123. Phase Issues All Over the Place!
  124. Is there a Dash Kit for a Mitsubishi?
  125. Fold your ears to hear better?
  126. So, is this new wave of tablets going to kill DD Nav headunits?
  127. 3rd Gen Acura TL System Issue ***Please Help***
  128. battery comparison questions
  129. really dumb question about blown speakers?
  130. Pressure testing a sealed enclosure?
  131. Starting from scratch: Using science to make the most of a car stereo
  132. iPhone Based Head Unit
  133. Need understand for ported design
  134. What predicts a speaker's off-axis response?
  135. a little help with winisd???
  136. Cabin Gain and modeled F3 plots questions
  137. Fuses and Drivers
  138. Does anyone have a Sound quality score sheet they could post or send me?
  139. unspoken rules for ported boxes
  140. Short RCA Cables. Is there such a thing as too short?
  141. 9835 sub channel still has L/R bias with Balance Control
  142. Planning OSN's Install
  143. iDrive?
  144. Setting Gains with Electronic Crossover + JL Amp for Mids and Tweets?
  145. Bi/Tri-ampable crossovers... Bleed over?
  146. Vibe Litebox VS jl xd
  147. Article on Blu-Ray audio (reg required)
  148. PE Omni-Mic measurement system - anyone try it out?
  149. Ideas for spring/summer redo on the system. Need criticism please!
  150. What would you do with this scenario?
  151. MiniDSP discussion thread
  152. help me pick subs lol....
  153. Latest iDevice USB DAC - HRT's iStreamer
  154. Dilemma: CSS Trio8 or Hi-Vi M8a???
  155. Jbl bpx ??s
  156. Very important audio stuff.
  157. Was running 18db slope for sub->front stage... went to 6db and width increased a ton
  158. Audio Control DQXS?
  159. RTA with the iPad or iPhone
  160. Getting loud "thump" at turn off
  161. The banning of Audio has Started
  162. Car audio features you would like to see.
  163. Interesting stuff on the way from Exodus Audio.
  164. New Bohlender Graebener Neo10 Planar Transducer!!
  165. Dayton "puck" mini-shaker (tactile transducer) - experience?
  166. Reacclimating myself to the car audio world
  167. How much does your hearing play a role in audio?
  168. Advice for active, wideband install
  169. Amps with built in DSP
  170. "Docking station" for a rear-shelf with amp and subs?
  171. PE 8" Neo buyout (299-098)
  172. Cool new thin-driver design from KEF
  173. Non conventional Sound deadening/dampening/absorbtion ideas
  174. Radio on a golf car... Radio antenna?
  175. Need feedback on 3-way front stage, possibly using BG planars
  176. Advice on small tweeter for upper octaves
  177. Looking for CHAD for fuel pump noise help in my Acura TL
  178. Current Status on my FJ Cruiser
  179. Resistive tuning a DVC woofer in IB alignment...
  180. Alpine Bluetooth quesitons...
  181. CDT HD-2 2" widebander - anyone know the scoop?
  182. Need your opinion:
  183. What headphones would you recommend for tuning baselines?
  184. Quick disconnect for 16ga or 12ga speaker wires?
  185. Midbass port position - relevant or not?
  186. Anyone know how to model this?
  187. Poor Customer Service from Zuki
  188. Pioneer AppRadio - SPH-DA01
  189. How Can We Use Psychoacoustic Processing Techniques Without the MS-8
  190. Digital Audio out of an Android Phone?
  191. Harman hops on the Android Open Accessory Protocol train
  192. IB 8'' Subwoofer
  193. Bessel Arrays
  194. need help
  195. Would this be practical?
  196. 5 1/2 " midbass?
  197. Dayton PS220 as car midbass
  198. No AM Reception after upgrading OEM to Aftermarket Head Unit
  199. Possible to pull off rear abient fill w/1 channel?
  200. pro/advanced audio advice needed pretty please (sorry for the mega post)
  201. The easist way to make a song - chord based composing app. "ezComposer"
  202. Aperiodic Enclosures
  203. Greetings from Whitledge Designs!
  204. Whitledge Designs is pleased to offer tuning services!
  205. Help: Sub Box External Port location...
  206. Kevin Haskins is Bringing the Exodus Subwoofer Line to a Close
  207. Bandpass enclosures, passive radiators, and SQ?
  208. Sound Stage in a Vehicle Environment
  209. Balanced Connections
  210. I need sub advice...
  211. What's the Best Vehicle Platform for Audio - Sedan, Hatchback, SUV, Van, etc.
  212. The Magic Bus Will Exhibit at Soka University's BluePort Jazz Festival
  213. Acoustic Elegance IB15 Availability
  214. Smart phone messes up radio
  215. Speaker compliance and rattles
  216. Building a why plug.
  217. Sound deadner....
  218. To bridge, or not to bridge. This is the question...
  219. Door Speaker install
  220. Quick configuration question
  221. Mid In door - newbie question
  222. Deflex vs. Second Skin deflection pads
  223. Pioneer AppRadio
  224. New Pioneer Head Units from CES
  225. 6x9 Midbass? A Viable Solution?
  226. SMD DD1 Killer - Coming Soon
  227. Input on Midrangers, 2-way, mated with exodus
  228. Speaker level outputs to balanced inputs?
  229. Not really audio, but I decided to add some meters....
  230. Vertical cues & signal manipulation.
  231. Would an AC Epicenter be useful for me?
  232. Horizontal array vs lobing/interference-issues
  233. Doing 4-way with 3-way capable HU
  234. Depth of dash is directly connected to depth of stage?
  235. Re: HRT HDMI Streamer - iDevice Digi AV adapter all-in-one solution
  236. Modes, Headaches, Revelations and OmniMic
  237. MS8 Pink Noise Issue
  238. Parking brake removal
  239. Hertz HSK vs. Audison Voce ???
  240. "What We Hear"
  241. XTC Baffles
  242. New Components to replace Old RE 6.5" XXX Mids
  243. RG 058 coax as signal cable
  244. Not your dad's Stiffening capacitors.
  245. What makes a GREAT 2-way set ?
  246. Eminence Eminator 8"' Midbass
  247. Klippel Playground
  248. Bought a Helix H1000 - thoughts, please
  249. WinISD observations to learn from
  250. Speaker to replace the RS225 8" Daytons