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Thread: foobar: anyone tried using ColumnsUI?

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    foobar: anyone tried using ColumnsUI?

    Hello, I'm disappointed with the frontends.

    And I'm looking for something that is simple and works. VSTs aren't cutting it (I have no idea why); I want Foobar and I'm prepared to live with the DSP XO "issues" until I have lots more time to tune and mess and get VSTHost and ASIO and my DMX 6Fire USB working properly together.

    So, looking at the basics, I just realised that all I really want is a big set of buttons with maybe a "search" and that's it. Has anyone tried using Foobar directly for this, and more specifically the columns UI? I think it might work, but don't really know... I'm going to go test now as I'm beginning to be pushed for time.

    - Bret
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    to answer my own question: yes, it is eminently possible to change the size of the toolbar buttons in Columns UI. You simply right-click them, select the "button options" and then go find some 64x64 buttons you like. Or create them, which is what I'll spend some time doing over the next few days. As long as one is done, the rest resize themselves.

    PNG, before you ask.

    - Bret

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    Yes, I've been using it for quite some time. Let me know how your buttons work out!

    Also, consider using foobar2000 plugins for processing. Once upon a time I wrote a tutorial up on DIYMA to do multichannel crossover, mixing, delay, and EQ entirely within foobar2000 with virtually zero CPU utilization (although the pictures are gone).

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    I know, I was reading it and getting frustrated the pics weren't there - it's good information!

    - Bret


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