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Thread: question: reaper and Foobar: buzz?

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    question: reaper and Foobar: buzz?

    I have a buzz between tracks in Foobar when the audio is routed via ASIO into Reaper for FFT transformation (and output via the Terratec). Buzz is random but loud, always different frequencies - but ONLY when I push to the next track. Auto move is fine.

    Any ideas, anyone? I had problems with FFT size of 1024, those are now gone now Nokia's stuff is gone and I'm not trying to pull data in over USB / WLAN.

    - Bret

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    Turns out that Foobar appears to just drop the stream ... and not mute it. Not good. Will have to work out what to do, but stop / next works well.

    - Bret

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    Now I'm trying to get this properly up and running, I've hit something else that might work: WASAPI, as I'm using Win7. Testing on the work machine means it simply sounds great. I'm wondering why... but hey, I'm not complaining.

    - Bret


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