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Thread: Greetings MSS!

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    Greetings MSS!

    Hey, the name is Joshua, recently got a new car (Nissan Juke) and intend on doing a little bit of work on. It's my first truly new vehicle (I'm 30.. sad huh?) so I'm pretty excited. I don't plan on getting too crazy with it, like competitions- but the stock setup makes listening to metal a depressing ordeal. My level of expertise is beginner, but I plan on changing that soon. I've swapped a few head units and speakers, and wired up a single amp with a dinky 10" sub in my old jeep.
    My plans for now are keeping my factory HU - has bluetooth, gps/nav, sirius, ipod and usb (32gb thumbdrive plugged in currently) connections, and a backup camera. I'd like to just make it sound better, currently looking at a DSP... swap out the 4 speakers. It came with a 8" rockford fosgate "ecoPunch". It's ok for now.. I'll get to that after the the previously mentioned goals.

    Might as well say thanks for all the help in advance, and I hope to be able to contribute something later on!

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    Welcome, Josh! Glad to have you here. These guys will do a great job of answering your questions about getting started on a system.

    Just replied to your PM.
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