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Thread: A Brief Study of Nonlinearities Using Klippel’s SIM Module: Harmonic Distortion

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    A Brief Study of Nonlinearities Using Klippel’s SIM Module: Harmonic Distortion

    I have set out to do my best to help us all understand just what these dang measurements mean. My first step is to use the SIM module from Klippel to simulate various changes in a driver's design to see what happens in the nonlinear domain.

    I have just completed the suspension portion of my harmonic distortion study. I plan to complete Bl(X) and Le(X) and then move on to Intermodulated Distortion Simulations. This may take me a while to complete and it will never be the definitive source for knowledge BUT it's a good start and a strong step in the direction to improving all our understanding (those of us who don't do this for a living).

    Here's the link:
    A Brief Study of Nonlinearities Using Klippel’s SIM Module: Harmonic Distortion | Medley's Musings

    I just put in about 5 hours on this. I've read over it about 5 times already but I'm beyond tired and may have missed a few things.

    - Erin

    PS: There is a contribute button at the bottom of the page. If you want to buy me some 5 hour energy drinks, feel free to contribute. ;)
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    Good read. I'll have some questions later after I think some more, but for now, I'm looking forward to the Bl tests.

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    So poor QC resulting in a suspension offset and asymmetrical stiffness would likely get reasonable subjective reviews for being warm.

    Take a more symmetrical driver with lower overall distortion and it might fare worse subjectively because third order is more offensive and it wouldn't be masked by 2nd order.

    Lends some credence to te contention that THD is meaningless and that a weighted distortion metric is a better alternative. It would be interesting to see a manufacturer consider data like this. I'm sure it would guide some decisions around cost and potential target markets.
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