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Thread: Various midbass drivers measured on a WT3

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    Various midbass drivers measured on a WT3

    I figured I would start a thread because I measured several midbass drivers from various component sets that I have laying around.

    With this set, the manufacturer touts that they chop the upper end off at either 400 Hz or 4kHz depending on how they are utilized in the vehicle (3-way versus 2-way)---
    Driver 1:
    Re 3.017 Ohms
    fs 63.25 Hz
    qts 0.389
    qes 0.403
    qms 11.42
    le 0.374 mH
    mms 16.92 grams
    vas 0.4686 Cu Ft

    Driver 2:
    Re 3.023 Ohms
    fs 62.58 Hz
    qts 0.379
    qes 0.392
    qms 11.14
    le 0.376 mH
    mms 16.47 grams
    vas 0.4918 Cu Ft

    Up next is another set of 6.5s where the manufacturer stops the high end at 3.5 kHz with a 6 dB/Octave slope---
    Driver 1:
    Re 3.535 Ohms
    fs 54.51 Hz
    qts 0.543
    qes 0.636
    qms 3.709
    le 0.589 mH
    mms 11.74 grams
    vas 0.8467 Cu Ft

    Driver 2:
    Re 3.578 Ohms
    fs 56.52 Hz
    qts 0.543
    qes 0.635
    qms 3.755
    le 0.601 mH
    mms 11.43 grams
    vas 0.8086 Cu Ft

    And finally, the third set I measured and these are closer to 6" than 6.5" even though the manufacturer calls them 6.5s. I believe the manufacturer chops these off at 2.8 kHz with a 6 dB/octave slope---
    Driver 1:
    Re 3.582 Ohms
    fs 72 Hz
    qts 0.674
    qes 0.862
    qms 3.091
    le 0.605 mH
    mms 14.22 grams
    vas 0.2736 Cu Ft

    Driver 2:
    Re 3.515 Ohms
    fs 70.66 Hz
    qts 0.667
    qes 0.849
    qms 3.118
    le 0.584 mH
    mms 14.22 grams
    vas 0.2842 Cu Ft

    I'm considering bringing the first and second sets of drivers to a buddy of mine that has an ancient LEAP setup to obtain better measurements. The last set listed above is slated to fit the bill as my garage speakers! Based on the measurements from the WT3, any ideas on what should work better in the car door?

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    Set #2 has a higher qts that might work better in a door...

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    Set #2 has specs closer to Hybrid Audio speakers - will work great IB in doors
    Set #3 has specs closer to Focal speakers - will also work great IB in doors


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    I find the nonlinear distortion to matter a lot more than the TS parameters. Besides, all the drivers here have a QTS under .7 which is workable. Can't say anything about LE, lower is better but what are the low LE drivers giving up in terms of thermal compression, ambiguous. This is some information but I'd say very incomplete to make a choice. I would only exclude drivers at this point if some values are obnoxious, like 5mh LE or a Q of 1+, it doesn't really apply in this group.
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