I know there are old school competitors on here. Please look and consider competing.

After some serious thought and a long discussion with Paul Papadeas, IASCA is going to step it up for, as you've called them, the "old school" cars and competitors.

One time only, IASCA has arranged to have space at SBN for 10 old school Sound Quality vehicles to be featured front and center in the main hall at the Ocean Center at this year's SBN, to compete in an old school class using Ultimate Division SQC and IQC rules.
There's no entry fee to compete, no cost for the space and these vehicles will be featured in the main hallway between the arena and exhibit hall with rope & stantion protection. If you just want to bring your vehicle and not compoete, that's okay too.

This is available to the first ten cars only... so first come first served... but, we need ten cars... not two, not five... ten cars.

Qualifications are as such... the vehicle must have competed (or have been competing) more than ten years ago and feature "old school" equipment... it must be open for display at the show so the public can view it easily and there must be someone with the vehicle at all times to promote the vehicle, our sport and the brand they used.

Get your vehicle to SBN and we'll have a space for you for free if the vehicle meets the qualifications. Send me an email at moe@iasca.com (not an FB message, not a text message, not a phone call... an email) to confirm your spot!