I just wanted to go ahead and express my excitement about my upcoming test with the HTS3001SE. I have no idea if the results will yield anything fruitful but based on Zaph's test results of the Q100 driver, I have hopes it might be useful in some regard. personally, I've been shopping Coaxial drivers and I've not seen anything better in overall response that the results Zaph posted of the Q100 driver. These drivers cannot be purchased individually without a serial number so I had to bite the bullet and order a set of the HTS3001SE's to dissect. Luckily, dissecting them was extremely easy and not destructive.

I'll be sure to update this thread with data once I get there. I just wanted to go ahead and tease a bit.

So, with that said, let me go ahead and share some pictures...

Note: I chose to leave these in the larger 1024x764 format just in case people want to get up close. There are no other pictures of the raw driver from this set that I'm aware, unlike raw drivers sold by Madisound, Solen, PE, etc. So, don't hate. ;)