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Thread: Kef Q100 Drive Unit Testing

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    Kef Q100 Drive Unit Testing

    I just finished up publishing data from the Q100 drive unit testing:
    Kef Q100 Drive Unit Testing | Medley's Musings

    Here's a sample...

    To those who remembered Zaph saying he'd like to see Klippel testing on the suspension because he believed it would show a shift... well, he was right:

    This is my favorite part. I measured the tweeter's response with the woofer at rest, then fixed out via a 9v battery and then fixed in (9v battery again). This was done to see what impact this had on the tweeter's response. Here's a result:
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    Interesting... Seems like the Egg HTS is better optimized (woofer wise) when looking at Klippel Xmax figures - however freq response, 3rd harmonic (looking at the big picture IMO)
    Guess the stiffer cone and better motor implementation helps with odd order distortion...

    Wonder why the suspension has so much offset compared to the HTS version. I'm sure KEF did this on purpose and if I had to guess, it seems to help linearize freq response (looking at the woofer IN and OUT graph).



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