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Thread: A-Pillar Planning, Advice Needed

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    Quote Originally Posted by cvjoint View Post
    so they sell the raw drivers? where can I look?
    no idea. I'm not sure they bought them raw.
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    Quite possible they don't sound that great. Thing about demos is that the demo CD is super funkyfied. I brought my own CD last time and nothing really impressed me.

    Oldest trick in the book, the source. Whenever I get these guys demoing my car they bring in CDs that sound worlds better than mine. That's literally when my car sounds best!
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    Every demo I've had with Gallos (home stuff) has left me unimpressed. Main part of my concern is chained to their woofers which are usually placed on the side (90 deg off axis) but still their mid and upper range isn't something to lust over. I've not had a listen to those satellite ones though.

    For someone searching a capable point-source for incar use they might be a valid choice, seeing that nothing out there works perfectly.
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