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CalendarDefault Calendar North Alabama audio meet

This GTG will be at Erin's (bikinpunk's) house in Decatur, AL starting at 9AM.

Hotel Info:
Anything near Beltline Rd SW in Decatur will be close to the event location.
Click here for search results.

There are places nearby within a few miles' drive to grab lunch or dinner. If enough folks want to order pizzas we can do that... just bring a few bucks with you to toss in.

Items you might want to bring:

  • Pop up tent for shade
  • Lawn chair
  • Any gear you would like to bring to either sell, test, demo, or whatever… do it. Amps, drivers, gear you want to test, etc, etc.
  • Bring your laptops with your RTA setup stuff. This is a great time to get hands on with some measurement gear and learn a thing or two about using it to help you tune your system.
  • Bring your camera and take pictures so we can share the fun!

  • Whatever else you can think of that might be needed.

More info here http://gtg.tracerite.com/event/show/...3f597077320003