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Thread: Plastic repair for interior trim panels

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    Question Plastic repair for interior trim panels

    Hey Guys,

    I'm currently in the process of re-doing my system, learning from the trial and error I've had in previous iterations of the system.

    One of my goals is to eliminate all rattles, which largely entails getting all of the interior panels to fit perfectly again (I got a little overzealous with the Raammat as a n00b a few years back). Throughout the years and many panel removals, a lot of the clips have gotten broken or lost, so I'm trying to go through and replace all those, where necessary.

    One problem I've run into a few times is that I've broken the actual mounting points for the clips on the back of a panel, while trying to remove the panel, so that there's no longer a place to mount the clip on the back of the panel.

    I've been thinking that I could use some kind glue or plastic repair epoxy to reattach/repair the plastic mounting point, so that the clip could mount to it again.

    Has anyone done anything similar? What's the best product to use for something like this? JB PlasticWeld? Some kind of epoxy?


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    How are your door cards styled. My cadillac has armrest built in so there is a hollow in the middle of the door card that runs the whole length. I made a simple bracket and wrapped it foam (to dappen rattles) and called it a day till I can source some "new" panels.

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    Most of the import doors I've taken apart largely use ABS plastic. Anything that will weld or adhere to ABS is probably going to be your best bet for the panels. You could try hot-glue also, I'm not sure how well it would work. I think melting temp of ABS is around 220F, on par with a "low-temp" craft heat gun.


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