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Thread: Widebander and time alignment - System recommendations

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    Widebander and time alignment - System recommendations

    Hi all
    Newbie here, so thanks for the much needed advice. I have a '99 BWM M3 and the tuner and speakers are shot. I'm interested in doing the following but I'm looking for suggestions/corrections and any incompatibility problems.

    HU - I'm interested in time alignment and I'm leaning towards an Alpine CDE-HD159BT
    Vifa NE85W (fullrange)
    Need suggestions for 5.25 or 6.5 for the kick panels
    No tweeter

    Would like to power the fronts off the HU. Thinking about crossing them over at 250.

    Thoughts or suggestions?

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    I don' think the widebanders would do well off the headunit... they are pretty inefficient. Gary, "minivanman" used a vifa widebander with good results, IIRC. maybe he will chime in.

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    Free air or enclosed? With a widebander it's a HUGE difference. I've used the Peerless 2" widebander with really good success. By "good" success I mean about 1000 hz, at 12 db on a 75W @ 4 ohm rated amp, unchambered.

    It seriously took some firepower to get them loud enough for my tastes.

    Build an enclosure for the driver, but keep your crossover point realistic. You're going to need to put some juice into it. Chambered I'd say 500 hz is reasonable with a good amount of power going to them.

    That'll be more than low enough to combat any lobing effects caused by the distance between the midrange and midbass.
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