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George, I thank you so much for all your research and your impressions of the LAT-700 woofers! I dropped a pair of them into my 2001 Civic, as well. I bought them because of the uniqueness of the driver, plus, I'd heard them in the actual LAT-700 bandpass enclosure that Alpine made for them. I am not a fan of bandpass enclosures, but I was fascinated by the drivers in this particular system.

All that being said, I agree with all you mentioned regarding the musicality of the drivers. Mine are stuffed into a small sealed enclosure (IIRC it is about 4 cubes - for two) too small to be sure for two, considering WinISD and JBL Speakershop don't even like them in a sealed enclosure - I kept landing on somewhere in the vicinity of 6 cubes, with an 8x24 vent... But with an F3 of just north of 16Hz, I almost want to take one out and put it in my house... I don't think they play quite as loud as many other systems in my car, but you did mention that particular shortcoming.

I love classic rock, and I haven't been able to throw anything at them that they don't sound every BIT as good as anything I've ever seen/heard in a car, and I've had Infinity (OLD graphite Infinitys), TCSounds, Eclipse, Shivas. TLs, sealed, vented, IB... Civic Coupes, Civic Hatchbacks, '72 Oldsmoble Delta 88, '82 Cavalier... You name it, I've played with it. Floyd, Supertramp, Genesis, Police, Eagles. All of it plays with aplomb.

Again, thanks for your time and effort. If you ever feel like selling them, let me know! LOL