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Thread: FS: Audison LRx 5.1k, Dayton Omni Mic V2

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    FS: Audison LRx 5.1k, Dayton Omni Mic V2

    Audison LRx 5.1k

    4 Ohm 2x60 + 2x170 + 1x750 W
    4 Ohm/4 Ohm/2 Ohm 2x50 + 2x160 + 1x1150 W
    4 Ohm/2 Ohm/2 Ohm 2x50 + 2x250 + 1x1030 W

    Used. 7/10 Cosmetic. A few dings and scratches. Missing the connectors for the sub vol, speak on and Rem in/out but you can use a spade terminal. The remote terminal is missing completely but I was able to use the speakon terminal to the remote from my hu to turn the amp on and never had an issue. I believe I have an extra set of side plates with some dings on them. The amp does include the low level Rca input module and I might have the high level module as well, I have to check. Amp has always been flawless function wise no issues.

    525 Shipped Obo.

    Dayton Omni-Mic V2

    Condition of all items:

    Used it maybe 3 times. Pretty much minty.

    Total Price: :

    200 Shipped.

    Pictures: Not much to see. I think it's all flawless. I will get them if you really need.

    Would trade for a Slime Green Charvel Pro Mod Guitar.

    Not much feedback here but I am goodstuff from Diyma if you need references.

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    Lrx is sold

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    Don't everyone reply all at once....


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