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Thread: Background docs on BMW 1-series E82, 3-series E9x systems

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    Background docs on BMW 1-series E82, 3-series E9x systems

    Here are some docs that explain how to determine the OEM system in a BMW E82 1-series (US spec) or in a 3-series E90 sedan/E91 wagon/E92 coupe/E93 vert (also US spec).

    Depending on the car, you have:

    - Speaker-level, full-range, fixed EQ

    - Balanced flat full-range

    - High-power speaker-level, partial-range, fixed EQ

    So it behooves you to do some figgerin'

    Don't apply this information directly to the E60 5-series. The non-Logic 7 system in the E60 is a bastard hybrid PITA - deck power, high-passed and heavily EQd, to F and R, and external amplifier on the underseats. The Logic 7 system, however, matches these descriptions.

    If you want to look at a list of E-codes, I recommend this Wikipedia article. Most lists on vendor websites contain errors or do not address the staggered introductions of coupes the year after sedans, etc.
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    Thank you for this. I was hoping to see some info on E90s and i didn't have to wait long.
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    Testing a new tweeter as soon as I have time... was getting them into the mounts yesterday, now I have to swap the mounts and change the output levels. Might have a cool suggestion for you.

    And I hope to get some info on recoding can change a HU to be coded for "HiFi", eliminating the EQ and bypassing the optical MOST output. 5V balanced flat full-range preamp out? Certainly!

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    Awesome stuff, thanks!

    ** goes to look at used prices for 2006 330's **

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    great info!

    just a note that might not be applicable to american models: on E81 late european models BMW only mounts an underseat speaker on the driver's side.

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    VP, have you ever guessed the characteristics of the underseat speakers enclosures?. not the plastic one, but the part that is behind the chassis hole. should we consider it sealed? which volume? infinite?.
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