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    Exclamation Rules and Expectations

    The Mobile Sound Science Forum is a place where audio enthusiasts can come together to learn about all things audio. You are encouraged to share your knowledge, learn from others and build positive relationships with other members based on a common interest in audio. This forum is privately owned and the moderation team does reserve the right to limit member behavior where necessary.


    Posts submitted to this forum MUST NOT:

    1. Threaten or promote violence.
    2. Advocate, condone, or assist in any illegal act.
    3. Contain racism or other forms of discrimination or hate speech.
    4. Be profane, pornographic, sexually explicit, or obscene.
    5. Contain links to pornography, copyrighted materials or illegal download sites.
    6. Contain advertisements outside the proper venue (personal endorsements are fine).
    7. Contain libelous comments or public disclosure of private facts.
    8. Infringe upon any copyright, trademark or other intellectual property right of a person or organization.
    9. Otherwise violate any law.


    Forum members are expected to treat each other with mutual respect, recognizing individual rights to opinion and expression.

    Content posted to this site should, in general, pass a PG-13 screening. The Rules will be amended if profanity becomes an issue.

    Civil debate is encouraged and participants in debate are expected to support their positions with evidence where possible. Debate may at times become heated. If you feel you are unable to remain civil, you are expected to refrain from posting. Frustration is not an excuse to violate the forum rules and will not only undermine your credibility, but may also result in moderator intervention.

    Trolling is prohibited. Within this forum, Trolling will be defined as the posting of inflammatory messages with the intent to disrupt forum discussions and/or provoke other users into inappropriate responses. DO NOT RESPOND TO TROLLING. Do not put yourself in a position that forces moderators to take action against you because you could not control your response.

    Avoid Threadjacking. Threadjacking is the posting of content not related to the original thread and has the effect of diluting the original discussion or possibly derailing the discussion entirely. If you would like to split a discussion off from a thread, please simply create a new thread and post "Discussion about -blank- moved to -new thread-".

    Refrain from negative discussions about other forums within this forum. This site is intended to offer a positive and intellectually rigorous environment for audio discussion. Do not dilute it with complaints about the shortcomings of other sites.

    You are expected to post your comments in a clear and concise manner. Failure to use reasonable grammar, sentence structure and punctuation is disrespectful to your readers. Rambling posts with no punctuation, capitalization, paragraph spacing, etc. will likely be ignored. Post helpful information, not smart-ass remarks in an attempt to appear clever. This site exists to elevate the level of mobile audio discourse. Do your part.


    Moderators are responsible for enforcing forum rules and guiding the forum in a positive direction when it may occasionally drift off course. Our Moderators and Admins are volunteers. They have taken on additional burden in order to provide users with better forum experience. Please respect their efforts.

    Moderators will enforce forum rules where appropriate. Moderators do have enforcement discretion. In an effort to make the Moderator actions transparent, a dedicated thread will contain a brief summary of warnings and/or bans and the member actions that prompted such sanctions.

    If you see a post that needs attention from the Moderation team, please use the "report post" button. Repeated misuse of the "report post" button will result in sanctions against the offending user.

    Discussions about site Rules and Expectations and Moderation Policies will be hosted in a single thread within this subforum. Threads created in other areas to address such issues will be merged with the main discussion thread when possible.


    You are solely responsible for the content of your posts. By submitting messages to the forum you agree to indemnify and hold harmless, its owners, and staff, from all claims, costs and expenses arising out of posts submitted by you. contains messages from forum members over which has no direct control. Some posts may be misleading, false or offensive. You must bear all risk associated with your use of the forum.

    By submitting posts to the forum, you are granting a perpetual, irrevocable, royalty free non-exclusive license to make available, reproduce, modify and distribute the posts in whole or in part and in any form.

    It is not possible for or its staff to monitor all posts to the forum for infringement of third-party rights. If you find a post that you believe infringes upon your legal rights, please contact the site admin at or use the "report post" button to bring it to the attention of the Moderation team.


    Advertisements may only be posted with prior consent from MSS Administrators and must be limited to the appropriate sections of the site as determined by Administrators.


    If the Moderation team deems it necessary to revise the site rules in the future, an announcement will be posted for 30 days highlighting the rule changes.
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