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    yeah, i completely forgot to include that as a part of the Total setting of the gain. the attuenating of any settings to get it all to blend together. haven't blown up anything since the stock Blose 6x9s before i had my aftermarket gear installed. it does seem to be a process over complicated by quite a few people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whiterabbit View Post
    BTW chad if you have any good methods for using limiters, I'm all ears. Some of us have those, just never used them.

    I'll try to think something out that can be done without a scope. See, it's tough to predict in car audio with no known gain staging and no clip indicators.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whiterabbit View Post
    It's a down and dirty way to set MAX gain levels for every channel set. After that, start attenuating to get the balance set right. When you are done, the noise should be at rock bottom.

    setting gains based on SNR, for me, has worked the best. It seems you come to that point close to when you're at clipping (actually, clipping happens after, IME). Then you just start backing gains down to match the weaker output. Not a science by any means.
    To me, it's just an easier method as opposed to breaking out my scope. Once I make an adjustment on the dsp or gain pot itself, I've pretty much negated the scope anyway.
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