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Thread: Tweeter repair

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    Tweeter repair

    I have a set of the Xtant (morel) tweeters I bought from ebay a while back. There was discussion about them over on DIY so I decided to go ahead and sell mine. Sent them to Nismos14 who asked me if I had tested them. I told him they had never been out of the package in my hands. He then told me the pos lead was completely out of one of them. I had him send em back for a refund, but now I want to fix em and sell em again.

    Here is what it looks like:
    Sorry about quality, its from my iPhone

    After some brief testing I have determined that there is some kind of coating on the wire (its red, dont know if it shows up in the picture) but only the bottom 1/8th of an inch or so is bare, and that must be touched for this to play.

    I have never soldered anything this small. Should I just go about as normal, get some solder on the lead, then push this little tip into the solder on the other wire?

    Then I will be pushing it up into the housing (like the other wire in the picture) and using some glue to hold it in place.


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    Is there any way to open the housing? That red coating is just a thin insulating layer as that appears to be the voice coil wire. The coating can be easily scraped/sanded off.

    The reason I'd want to open it is to make sure the voice coil wire is positioned properly during reassembly.
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    Dangit Morel! I had an almost identical problem with an MDT-12 tweeter about a year ago.
    Instead of linking to my original thread I'll try to cut/paste it here:

    Quote Originally Posted by TREETOP
    Long story short- super fragile terminals on a Morel MDT-12 tweeter.

    The skinny wire between the terminal and the voice coil broke, I have just enough slack to solder it. Once.

    It's copper colored wire, single strand, but it seems like it's coated with something- I read the coil DCR through the very tip of the wire but not through the copper-colored part. I tried "stripping" the coating away to get enough bare end to solder back to the terminal, that's why I only have a little slack now. :blush:

    Am I right that there's a coating on the coil wire?
    Is there something chemical rather than mechanical to use to strip this coating, so I have enough solderable material to make the connection?

    Another member: "You can melt it back with your soldering iron."

    Quote Originally Posted by TREETOP
    Oooh so it may melt back when I solder it then, might not have to do anything additional?
    This wire is like .006", literally the thickness of a hair.
    Found this on another forum:
    "The insulation generally comes in two forms: a catalyzed varnish or a
    plastic (often nylon or some similar material). Unless you have specific
    information as to which is which, generally, the varnish insulation is
    brown or slighty reddish brown, and the plastics are often green or red.

    The varnish types are removed using either a solvent (paint remover,
    methylene chloride, MEK or similar solvents) or mechanical abrasion works.
    Mechanical abrasion is only useful for larger wire sizes (20 gauge or
    larger), and be as simple as squeezing the wire between two layers of fine
    sandpaper and pulling it through or scrapping it carefully with a sharp
    razor knife, to sophisticated, auto-adjusting rotary strippers.

    The plastic types are often strippe using heat, thisis where the solder
    pot comes in handy, the wire is simply dipped in molten solder. This both
    melts the insulation and tins the wire with a fine coating of solder (some
    insulation, in fact, also doubles as flux).

    Quote Originally Posted by TREETOP
    It's like a copper color, I can't say if it's more brown or more red.

    I just puddled up some solder and got the tip of the wire in the puddle, I'm reading 5.6 ohms at the terminals again instead of an open circuit so we're good. I'm definitely going to reinforce the terminals with some glue before I reinstall the tweeter.

    The "problem" with this tweeter is that the actual terminals are riveted to a phenolic "tray" that's just sandwiched into a channel in the back of the tweeter housing. The coil wires come through two little holes from the front side of the tweeter by the dome, and attach to the terminals where the riveted part is.
    If you push a slide-on wire terminal onto the tweeter terminal just a little bit too hard, the little tray that secures both tweeter terminals pivots in place and wants to swivel out on the opposite side.
    There's enough slack on the coil wires to pull the terminal tray out completely, but the clearance is tight and in pushing it back in you can pinch one of the coil wires pretty easily.
    When I first installed the tweeter, I didn't realize how careful I should be with the terminals and I was pivoting it too much in place. Funny thing is, the coil wire didn't break until last night. At least it was something repairable, I just got these in a couple days ago and I kinda like them.

    Here's 1000 words, showing the terminal tray just outside of the channel it snaps into.

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    No easy way to take apart, from what I can tell.

    Thanks for the info Treetop.

    Ill get back to this in a week or two, I put em away and forgot about it...


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