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Thread: 2004 Scion xB Pioneer HU

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    2004 Scion xB Pioneer HU

    This HU speaker level output shows a lot of EQ, but not too much - if any - dynamic EQ.

    This is the HU at a low volume:

    This is the HU output at a higher volume:

    Same shape curve. Might be some flattening, but overall, I would not say that retaining this HU requires abandoning the HU volume control.

    Fun fact - this is the HU with the bass at +3 (out of 5). It seems to be a hi-shelf filter below 100 and not boost 100 at all.

    However, given that this HU is a 2-DIN with speaker level outs, with wild EQing, I would not keep it. I'd get an aftermarket if I was doing an SQ system, for sure.
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