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Thread: Alpine PXA-H100 Imprint add-on box

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    Alpine PXA-H100 Imprint add-on box

    I installed one of these into a car that had had a Mini DSP in it. The Mini DSP wasn't giving us enough voltage for the MTX amps.

    Since the car owner had an Alpine 505 Nav HU, I got him an H100 Imprint processor. It seemed to be missing a few useful points in the manual. I know that this device has been discussed quite a bit elsewhere, but I thought I'd share my experiences today here.

    If you decide to try the auto-tune feature:

    - Remember to switch the EQ/DIV switches - BOTH of them - on the bottom of the HU, preferably with power off. If you switch them with power connected, reset afterwards.

    - According to Alpine Tech Support, you can't leave a USB cable plugged into the box even if the other end is disconnected. I don't believe them on this, but I ran out of time to test it.

    - First measurement takes forever (4x longer than subsequent measurements).

    If using manual mode, remember:

    - Manual mode is accessed by pressing the Imprint button on the front and selecting MultiEQ OFF

    - Xover points for 3W are limited (Hi HP point can go no lower than 1K, Sub LP point is 63 or 80). This car runs HAT L4 has widebanders in the dash, and I would have liked to cross them in lower than 1K.

    - Parametric EQ "Q" highest setting is 3

    - Parametric EQ freq values are limited

    - Channel output level setting is in the xover settings

    That said, I was able to get better sound in 5 effing minutes in manual mode than the auto-tune MultEQ got in 5 tries, with different approaches as suggested elsewhere.

    Final analysis:

    Worth the money to add a set of features that should have come with the damned deck (or some damned deck) in the first place - but make sure your system is supported by the limited xover and EQ options. Plenty of output!
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    sounds exactly like the 9887. I had toyed with picking one up since my dash is currently apart adding some cabling... no really.. I did......

    Then i realized I have smaart and would rather have the money back for some bluetoofs possibly later.


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