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Thread: Eric Stevens - Mercury Sable - 1993 CA&E

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    Eric Stevens - Mercury Sable - 1993 CA&E

    Ziffer, Amy V. "Installations - Company Car" Car Audio & Electronics July 1993: 42-50. Car Audio and Electronics - Car stereo reviews, how-tos, and mobile electronics news

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    That automatic security panel for the headunit is cool.

    So was this vehicle part of the genesis of the Image Dynamics horns?
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    My parents had an 88 sable then a 92. I drove the 92 a bunch when I was home from school.

    I HATE fords.. but that was a damn good car. The 92 was that mint green though, the 88 was about the color of our Snot-ah. You could tell from the get-go it was a stereo machine if you made it right. Then after I drove it for a day my '78 Monte came out of purgatory (storage) and it was like OH HELL YES.

    Oh the days.

    I almost had my first car back a few years ago. It's a sad, long story, but one of the best birthdays ever.

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    Man, did Eric ever have hair?

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    I've had quite a few of these cars...

    • I drove an 89 in high school and put my first stereo in it (MCM coaxes and a ratshack amp)
    • I was given my mother's 91 to drive through college, I did most of my experimentation in stereo installation in this car. First car to have subwoofers. It only had deadheads installed. 3 way up front with my first experiments in fiberglass too. Ahh the days.
    • Then I had 2 subsequent Taurus SHO's (95, 93) which had no stereo work other than a HU in them. But they had man pedals!
    • I got the Mazda 6 and used what I learned in the 91 sable to put a few different setups in it
    • I was given my grandparent's 95 Sable as a beater. I amped the stock speakers and put in a subwoofer, then after about a year the subframe broke from accumulated rust and I got rid of it.

    There's definitely a special place for the Mercury Sable / Ford Taurus in my heart

    Here's the most polished version of the system I had in the 91

    After that it kinda went to hell. The surrounds on the crossfire 10's rotted off (foam) and then that in turn resulted in the Beta100 smoking. I replaced the amps with a Kappa 255A and some perfect 12's, changed to an eclipse deadhead, went 3 way semi-active in front vs 2 way passive. It never looked that nice again.

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    The build log to the car is posted on the ID site.

    Those look like TAD 15s in the back...not IDWs.

    A lot of that install was changed out little later on when Matt redid the car.

    Oh, Eric had those highly modded Lanzar amps up til a couple years back. They sold on the cheapness. And his nephew has/had the car...minus the good stuff from the install.


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