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Thread: 2011 Genesis Coupe with Infinity Premium Sound System

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    2011 Genesis Coupe with Infinity Premium Sound System

    This is how my wife's 2011 Genesis Coupe 3.8 Grand Touring with Nav and the Infinity "premium" sound system measured:

    I played Pink Noise through the CD player at volume level 10 with everything flat and centered and the calibrated Dayton EMM-6 microphone in the center of the vehicle. I wanted to do some more measurements, then I realized the headlights were on in accessory mode so I decided to be save and charge the battery. Eventually, I want to test the Head unit before and after the factory amplifier, but I don't have the heart to rip my wife's brand new car apart... YET!

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    Yeah, my wife won't let me rip the snot-ah apart but I can gain access to the "subwoofer" outputs, and honestly, that may be all I need to push it over the edge for what she wants.

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    Remember, it's only metal and plastic - they make cars out of it every day

    I don't think this fits the goal of the section in that it's not the electrical output. As long as we note that, it's useful, certainly - and I'd also be interested in your comments as a listener as to how the acoustic measurement correlates to the listening experience.
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