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Thread: Inexpensive Soldering Station. Any experience with the $15 PE one?

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    I've used weller (work), metcal (work and home), hakko (home) and heck even radio shack (home). My take on it is a soldering iron is that it needs to be the right one for the job.

    I used a 85W hakko for my RC car wires and other thick wires.

    I used temp controlled soldering irons like the metcal and weller for smaller more precise jobs, where excess heat will destroy things you can't even see.

    I don't know how much or how little you need, but this one has been nice for being adjustable as well: Weller WESD51

    Metcal (OK International) is just bloody expensive, but they are damn nice irons.

    I think you should spend a little bit more on a nicely regulated one so you don't need to 2nd guess what you're doing when holding a iron in your hand...

    AND NEVER buy those COLD SOLDER IRONS.....worst product ever made...IMHO
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    I'm perfectly happy with my Hakko, but I kinda wish I had sprung a little bit more for that Weller.

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    I have a Weller WES51 and I absolutely love it. I used it for doing small stuff like changing switches on a Soundstream Reference 700s to doing various vehicle wiring projects such as alarms, trailer lights, interface harnesses, etc.


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