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Thread: Question re: Tripath - Phase Linear "Class T" Amp needs repair, or not

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    If this of any use to anyone in the future with an amp using the Tripath chip(s):

    I talked to Steve Mantz this week. My Tripath Phase Linear Opus 4 a bad power supply... I was herding (rabid) cats at work and didn't get have the time to get too many details, other that it's going to be ~$100 to repair it.

    Steve has been great to work through the troubleshooting thus far, so if anyone has a dead Tripath and wants to know the diagnosis, check in with Steve at his Zed Audio phone #.

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    Thanks for the post and follow-up. I've got an Arc KAR 1000.2T with issues. Anyone I've taken it too responded about the same way, never repaired a Tri-Path. Again, thanks for the lead.


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