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Thread: Subjective Evaluation of Distortion Performance

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    Yeah been reading that too. Then Troels had some ribbon tests that was contrary to Zaph's from what I remember.

    Just had me thining.

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    Hmm, found this thread today on Google after posting something very similar on Diy lol. Geddes is an interesting character, for example:

    Dr Earl Geddes Summa loudspeakers and kits - diyAudio

    He doesn't believe his own metric is worth computing lol.

    From what I can tell his data doesn't always follow his conclusions. Certainly in his papers THD and IMD even when used as crudely as he uses them have some predictive power. I would be curious to see another THD/IMD vs GedLee metric where THD is at least only measured for frequencies that matter, like bellow 10khz and so on. I think THD is only a poor tool if used really crudely.

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    Just getting to this thread now...

    1) Adam, I could have sworn there were VST plugins to do what you wanted, re: adding harmonics. I'll try to see if I can find some (thinking Voxengo...).
    2) cvjoint, that can easily be computed by filtering the harmonic distortion before computing its energy. I thought this was routinely done, no?


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