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Thread: Ideas on deadening door lock rods?

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    Ideas on deadening door lock rods?

    I'd like to know what you guys use to stop your door lock rods/mechanisms from buzzing like crazy? I've seen people wrap foam around them, but I think it could possibly be something internal within the mechanism.

    If I could get this stopped my doors would be golden.

    Car is an '03 Civic sedan...

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    I always wrapped mine with trunk liner and anything they could touch with trunk liner.

    Then I crammed between the inner door skins and door panels full of much so that the stock clips wouldn't hold the panels back in place, and then put a couple screws in the bottom and sides to hold the panels back tight (couldn't tell the screws were there).

    Then no problems with rattles.

    For a quick fix just for judging, put a wad of carpet in the exterior door handle to pull it up some to put tension on it.

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    A 7th Gen Civic with rattles? Say it ain't so! This is one of those areas where it will pay to diagnose the exact problem. Find the frequency that excites the buzz and start pulling on handles, as suggested, doors locked, unlocked, pressing, etc. Two constant problems with these cars are the rods that runs from the handles to the latch and the short rod that runs to lock knob and the lock knob itself. The problem of course is that they all need to be able to move. I was able to reduce the problem with soft vinyl tubing from the plumbing department at HD that I slid over the rods. I also wrapped some closed cell foam around a few points. I just got some automotive fleece tape that I'll be trying soon.


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