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Thread: Tips for organizing pegboard

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    Tips for organizing pegboard

    Hi All,

    I'd love some tips for organizing pegboard. How to group, what to place at the most convenient locations, what can be placed at the lesser convenient locations, whether you collect all your tools of a certain type together or put all your every day stuff in one spot, etc etc etc.

    What is YOUR organization method?

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    This sounds like the perfect Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt project! Where's my Intern?!

    Oh, that's right. I'm my own intern.

    ...interested myself in some feedback here!
    I have the opposite problem most have; enough room to lose things in. It's nice to have space, but you would be absolutely AMAZED how much time a person can spend wandering aimlessly in a big shop. More amazing is the time it takes to put everything back after a 'job'. I'd LOVE something to make my life easier and more productive.
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