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Thread: How to extend the distance between screen and controller board?

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    How to extend the distance between screen and controller board?

    My fusion has a headsup display for the SYNC system, and other vehicle information. Well the unit itself is a bit bulky and I want to install the screen in one location and the controller about 1ft from the screen.

    Looking at the connection it's a 12pin compressed spade style. I haven't see anything like it, and doubt I can find a connector to match both ends to create an extension cable. So my next idea is to solder 12 wires from one end to the other.

    I know people have done this, and I have done my share of soldering (replacing laptop power connectors, motherboard caps) but this is a bit small.

    Anyone got any tips for me before I jump into this?

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    Use a "third hand" (I don't know if that's the right name for it in English, it's basically a stand with some adjustable clamps on it) to hold the wire in place, so you have both hands to work with.
    Use the thinnest solder-wire you can find and a soldering station with a very sharp tip.
    Be very very patient. If you feel you might lose your patience, step away for a while.

    I haven't done this before myself, but that's how I'd do it.


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    Use the third hand to hold the board, tint he wire then use one hand ont eh wire, one on the iron.

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    get one out of a wrecked car at junkyard to experiment with first, before you hack into yours.....


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