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Thread: 2010 Nissan Altima with Bose Audio Package

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    2010 Nissan Altima with Bose Audio Package

    I will be interfacing with the factory head unit into a Zapco DSP6. I want to intercept
    the signal going to the amp mounted to the rear deck, and want to assure a flat full-range, low-level balanced signal. Some wiring schematics would be most helpful. :idea: Ken?

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    This doc is great! I love Nissan manuals.

    You didn't say if you have the coupe or sedan. You want either page 411 (coupe) or 431 (sedan). Those are the main wiring diagrams, then there are whole pages showing the pinouts.

    These diagrams show four channels from HU to amp, each with + and -, each with a shield, and then a single wire which looks like the RTO. There is a CAN pair at the HU but not at the amp that I see (didn't look in detail). Often if there is a CAN terminal at an amp, there is no traditional RTO input.

    Now, we don't KNOW that this signal is flat (probably with some auto-loudness) - I expect it, and I would bet $20 that it is - but I would not do a whole install expecting that it is. I would expect but verify. It does resemble the G35/Maxima Bose systems in this regard, certainly.

    When you hack the Symbi cable (don't, don't, don't use a BTL - the attenuation is bad in this application) take care not to cut the phantom power leads.

    EDIT: Apparently this 9mg file won't upload - at least it won't for me. I don't have the version of Acrobat installed at home which allows me to extract or delete pages. So I can post the diagrams tomorrow when I can cull them down (the manual is 483 pages) or I can email you if you PM me your email address. Given that it's the factory AV service manual, I think you may want to keep it around
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