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Thread: ITunes goes hi-fi?

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    Without jumping into the middle of some what is standard/what is best argument. This is move thats time has come. Data storage is cheap enough now, there is no need to sacrifice sound quality. The theory behind 16bit is as good as 24 bit is sound but it does not hold up in practice. With the loud wars continuing to ruin our modern recordings, those extra bits might just be enough to bring back dynamics in our recordings.
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    Here's a stupid question. The argument as I am reading it, is that the "advantage" to 24 bit sound is an extra 48 dB of dynamic range, Where a CD is 96, a record is far less, and standard modern recordings even less, so why bother.

    Now, the DCX2496 community, the car audio digital community, and I'm sure many others have discussed what it would take to keep signal in the digital domain as far, far, far, far down the signal chain as humanly possible, to eliminate as many components in the analog side as can be done. One method for extending that was to add digital volume control. The negative side to digital volume control was the loss of dynamic range in the program material, right?

    SO, wouldn't another way to think about 24 bit sound be to consider it 16 bit CD quality sound with 48 dB of volume control capability without any loss in dynamic range capability?


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