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Thread: What are the "real" differences in MP3, M4P, & M4A?

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    I just keep it simple and don't use any Apple products.

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    I have a 6.5TB server here, just finished scrubbing the disks (it runs ZFS). It has 4.4TB net, half full, mainly photos. Around 200GB is music.

    And it's quieter than my laptop

    - Bret

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    Yeah, I have 3TB of storage in my ZFS array, but I'd say only a small percentage is dedicated to music (~120GB?). It's almost entirely mp3 V0. If I had decided to go FLAC, I guess I'd increase size by, what, 3x?

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    After having gone through most of my music files and having got rid of all the lossy ones, I now have a bit over 1.5TB of flac music. And another 1.6TB of the same music in alac for the iPods in the cars.

    It took me forever to rip all of my cd's.
    Virtus probata florescit: reversio

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    So, a quick assessment: the same album (in this case, Michael Jackson's Blood on the Dancefloor), I get 116MB in MP3, 85MB in OGG (level 5) and 556MB in FLAC L2.

    I'll be working out what the hell I'm going to do in the car shortly

    - Bret


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