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Thread: '08 solara OE interface help needed!

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    '08 solara OE interface help needed!

    In the process of putting aftermarket audio system in my car and hit road block...

    The car is '08 solara with Nav and JBL sound. I'd like to retain the factory HU and all factory functionality.

    Setup for now is:
    Factor NAV HU
    Bit one using high level inputs
    Zuki eleets and Eclipse DA6213 amps
    Factory speakers

    I'm tapping speaker level signal after the factory amp. Signal then goes to Bit one and then to aftermarket amps. I'm getting noise that's like uber high distortion. Speakers sound like they're blown... I hear the noise from the mids only. I can't hear anything from the tweeters. Mids have noise when crossed higher than ~150Hz by the Bit one. Amps are set to full range. All Speaker wires are not factory wires.

    I've traced the issue back to the JBL amp. I had tested the setup with after market HU running speaker level inputs and had no noise. So, the signal chain from the bit one onward is OK. Issue is from the JBL amp and or the factory HU.

    I appreciate inputs from everyone!

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    It's probably because your taking an amplified signal down to line level, again.You should probably tap after the hu, I'm not sure what type of output the hu has for the line level, but maybe you could use the bitone there for a cleaner signal. Also, i believe most oem amps have separate wires run to each speaker, so you would need a summing device for that, but that's just stupid


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