Time for another Spring GTG. We are doing a 2 day event as always on April 30th and May 1st at a public park in High Point.

Address: 1841 Eastchester Drive, High Point, NC

Time: Saturday - 10:00am - 7:00pm is when we have the shelter reserved
Sunday - 10am - 5:30pm no shelter reservation for this day

A few of us are probably going to be at church Sunday morning so we might not arrive until after noon, but feel free to come earlier that day.

Food: Your on your own for lunch. We usually go in two groups so someone is always there to watch our stuff in the shelter. Some drinks will be provided, but if you have a cooler please bring some. No alcohol since its a public park.

Anyone who wants to hang out afterwards on either days we usually go out for dinner.

If anyone has anything they want to sell of just give away then feel free to bring it as mentioned above we do have a shelter incase it rains.

If your able to make it then reply in this thread, here is the most recent list:

1. Jason (bertholomey) Sat & Sun
2. Drake (The Drake) Sat & Sun
3. Andy (req) Day(s)?
4. (Salami) Day(s)?
5. Webster(ragnaroksq) Sat & maybe Sun
6. John (minibox) Sat maybe Sun
7. Kendal (Notloudenuf) Sat maybe Sun
8. Chithead (Daniel) Sunday
9. Paul (singleuse) Sat, maybe Sun
10. Chris (chtaylor71) Sat no Sun
11. Adam (ameuba10)
12. Fellippe (FG79)
13. Richard (bose301s)
14. Sam (saMxp)
15. (Reach)