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Thread: Hybrid Audio L3SE

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    Hybrid Audio L3SE

    For test setup, procedures, and information on how the data was obtained see sticky here:
    Do not ask setup questions in this thread. This thread is only for driver discussion.

    Driver Tested:
    Hybrid Audio L3SE

    Impedance and T/S Parameters:

    Frequency Response at 0 degrees, 3dB scale:

    Frequency Response at 0, 15, 30, and 60 degrees, 5dB scale:

    Harmonic Distortion at 89dB:

    Harmonic Distortion at 92dB:
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    Not sure but from my understanding, the L3SE is a hell of a driver - distorsion and off-axis wise (except for the peak @ 8kHz)

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    Distortion plots looks pretty good. The FR plot might give me a little pause to consider placement and how to best manage the couple peaks and dips in the response, but I don't think it looks unmanageable. The drop right past 2.5khz would be my biggest concern, but it's magnitude isn't really that huge, as evidenced by the F1 distortion plot.
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