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Thread: Hybrid Audio L6 and L6SE Comparison

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    Hybrid Audio L6 and L6SE Comparison

    I put these drivers up together because they are different versions of the same driver and from a comparison standpoint I thought it might be nice to have the FR at 0deg plotted together.
    Thanks to the folks who donated them.
    For test setup, procedures, and information on how the data was obtained see sticky here:
    Driver Testing Methods and Setup: Frequency Response and Harmonic Distortion Only -
    Do not ask setup questions in this thread. This thread is only for driver discussion.
    To understand how to read the data, try here:
    How to read Frequency Response and Harmonic Distortion Plots -

    Drivers Tested:
    Hybrid Audio L6[/URL]
    Hybrid Audio L6SE[/URL]


    Impedance and T/S Parameters:


    Frequency Response of both drivers at 0 degrees, 3dB scale:
    Frequency Response at 0, 30, and 60 degrees, 3dB scale:


    Harmonic Distortion at 95dB:


    Overall, the results look pretty good.
    For point of reference, check out the Scan results. The HATs seem on par in terms of magnitudes.
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    The SEs actually do outperform the base model by a significant margin. I wonder if that smoother rolloff is due to the smaller inductance.

    Overall I think the Scans are way better. In has half the inductance, and the bass performance is significantly better. There is no comparison bellow 80hz, the Scan motor is definitely better. I presume the Scans would be more efficient too. Scan>SE>L6 , there is a significant difference between all of them. The base L6 looks like a mediocre driver to me.

    Bellow 100hz the HATs seem to perform the same. From about 80hz down the distortion is increasing rapidly. If there are xmax differences in these on paper I certainly don't see them showing up in these tests.
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