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Thread: Speaker Break-in

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    Danny is a pretty big subjectivist and has had seriously amusing public arguments with Zaph. Zaph has been surprisingly angry with him. This was in the good old days of the Madisound forums. Danny is someone I have always taken with a reasonable-sized grain of salt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adam View Post
    He did make a logical mistake around his "listener adaptation" argument. Adaptation doesn't make a bad speaker sound good. It makes it sound slightly less bad. That means it could still be fatiguing over time.
    been reading Toole's Chapter 18? (or 17... I forget)

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    The closest thing I've observed to actual speaker break-in is listening to my subwoofer on very cold mornings. I mean, somewhere in the -5 to -20F range. It tends to freeze up a bit, I'm not entirely sure why but perhaps the spider being stiff and tiny bits of moisture frozen inside the voice coil gap would have something to do with it. As the speaker warms up, it's characteristics very definitely change. It's a bit of a stretch, but do you think perhaps the "break in" that is so often described is actually related (at least in part) to the speaker warming up? Just noticed that Werewolf's post seemed to suggest the same thing.
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    speaker break-in is a myth just like unicorns, peace on earth, and saving the whales.


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