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Thread: IASCA Oshawa, Ontario June 5 2011

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    IASCA Oshawa, Ontario June 5 2011


    I attended this show to do IASCA SQc, just for kicks. The wife talked me into running in Stock 1 SPL too, and I won the class!! 136.5dB legal TL, with DonovanM`s old elemental sub.

    I also scored 167 in SQc, good enough for 3rd in the Rookie class. There was a foul-up at the show (surprise surprise), and I have to wait for my scoresheet to be mailed to me.

    I plan on going to the next one on July 1st, but I have new door grilles and a new sub box to build first.

    All in all, a pretty good day. :thumbsup:

    First IASCA trophy:

    On a side note, the guy in the white Jetta below is deaf, from my area, I hadnt seen him in years. He competed in Bassboxing (loudest SPL averaged over 30 seconds, playing music.), scored over 120dB average for his run, on SEVENTY WATTS of power. Big thumbs up to Kirk :thumbsup:

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    Congrats benneh! :thumbsup:
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    Congrats, Benny! Nice way to start your comp career.
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