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Thread: Living with iTunes

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    Living with iTunes

    Some love it, some hate it - many just use it. This is a thread where we can exchange those tips and hints that make dealing with iTunes more pleasant.

    Some general tips:

    • Turn on error correction before ripping CD's into your library. For some reason, the default is off, which makes no sense. Having it on can increase the ripping time somewhat but it is still way faster than EAC.
    • iLounge is a good source for information on using iTunes.
    • These are some tips for speeding up iTunes on Windows.
    • Since iTunes "show duplicates" and sorting functions are pretty limited I also use Tagscanner to look for duplicates. Tagscanner is a pretty solid piece of software but slow - glacially slow. The user interface is easy to use, but not altogether intuitive. I think that Sergey has a different way of looking at things than I do. For free software, it kicks butt.
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    One trick I use....after you click "Show Duplicates", click the header bar (where it sorts by name, artist, album, etc.) and add the column "Date Added". You can then sort the duplicates by the date and delete the oldest copies.

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    I typically run my iPod in lieu of CDs these days... I rip my CDs into iTunes using Apple Lossless Encoder. iTunes > Preferences > General > Import Settings >

    I've also gone back through and created lossless versions: Advanced >Create Apple Lossless Version. This will create a duplicate file, which is where BigAl's advice ^ comes in very handy...

    Oh, and make a damn backup copy! My backup drive was destroyed by one of our dogs jumping on the desk to watch the deer eat the landscaping in the front yard. In the process she punted my backup drive off the desk and onto the tile floor. That was almost tolerable until my HDD crashed 3 weeks later (and before I got another backup drive...)

    400+ CDs ripped... now I gotta start over.


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