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Thread: Which HMI SW for CarPC...?

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    Which HMI SW for CarPC...?

    I've been firmly on the CarPC bandwagon for some time now, and fully plan on implementing one for my up coming project. However, I really don't know what SW is the most applicable.

    Coming from an Industrial control background, I have exposure to many HMI packages, but I would think pretty much all of them would be tremendous overkill.

    I've also been looking into different mixing SW packages to find something that will allow heavy control over channel separation, TA, and the such. Reaper seems to be high recommendation list in the HomeDIY scene. ....but again, seems pretty overkill.

    So my questions are:

    1. What interface/desktop are you using, or suggest?
    2. What SW package are you using for audio control?


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    Well most use Console or Audiomulch from what I have seen, I personally use audiomulch and just windows 7 as my interface. I dont really care much for centrafuse, road runner, or any other front ends. Windows has been the best for my use so far.

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    I am interested to hear how windows alone is a better UI than a front end or skin for that matter? I guess it depends on what you expect out of the carpc. Also, I think it might be unfair to blame a front end for poor UI when there are plenty of skins to create the type of UI you desire. The front end is merely a go between for the hardware and software to interact seemlessly, while the skin is what you interact with.


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