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Thread: Multiple subwoofers in a small room - what measurements would you like to see

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    Multiple subwoofers in a small room - what measurements would you like to see

    I recently erected a new small system in my temporary abode with the KEF KHT3005SE eggs for front stage, KEF HTS1005 eggs for surrounds, and a multisub system using a DIY sub for the main sub (XLS12+PR+240W Dayton plate amp) and two commercial subs for the secondary subs (KEF HTB2).

    However, in the next few weeks I'm going to completely revamp the subwoofer system. The new system will be almost completely hidden. The main sub will be a closed box Aura NS12, one secondary sub will be a closed box Aura NS10, and I've not decided what the third will be. Perhaps a closed-box XLS12.

    BUT, that's not the point. The point is, when I set the new system up measurements would you like to see me capture and public? I plan thus far, on capturing all the measurements I took on the old system as well as one other that people in that thread deemed useful (individual measurements for each sub after setup, so as to get an idea of the relative requirements for each position).

    (The main thread for the system will be here.)

    Conditions: gotta be doable on a Velodyne SMS-1/MIC-5. I don't think waterfalls are useful in the bass, for instance.

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    I'd be interesting in seeing measurements at a variety of positions and combinations of subs similar to those I took for my system ( It took me a lot of time to tweak it and I've still got a couple hot spots. I'd be interested to see how your placement works out, especially in comparing it to my results and also those that Sean Olive and Floyd Toole found in their research on the placement of multiple subwoofers. I need to grab the page numbers from "Sound Reproduction" that address the topic. I may also have some white papers on their tests.
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