Competitors from four states gathered to celebrate the 11th Annual April Fool's Fest in Lebanon, TN. Host and long time retail member J & R Electronics has always supported this annual event. The James Ward Ag Center of Lebanon served as the location. Eight competition teams and three car clubs were represented as well. According to Commissioner Stern MECA handed out of 89 score sheets between the SPL, SQL, and Show & Shine divisions.

The SPL divisions had a broad range of competitors. The top three Amateur Street scores came out of AS2 and AS3. Darren Musick (Team BYOB/Incriminator Audio) took the high score with a 145.5 dB in AS3, but Matt Sharpe's AS2 score was a 145.1 dB for a close 2nd. Matt Sharpe represents Wall Street's Finest and Incriminator Audio as well. Street class saw the 150 mark broke with Bryan Mayer (Mayer Audio) posting a 150.2 in Street 2. The big hitter in Modified was James Carroll. James Carroll is not only the owner of True Bass Solutions, but he was also voted as MECA's Member of the Month for February. He posted a 154.0 in M3. The highest Sound Pressure score of the event was posted by dB Revolution/Sundown member Gary Fletcher. He posted a 161.2 in Radical X2.

Park & Pound scores soared into the 130+ range quickly with DB3, 4, and 5 competitors all posting big numbers. DB3 top honors went the veteran Rick Washabaugh with a 132.3 DB score. DB4 went to Daniel Kirkland and his Infamous "Pinky". Darrell Kitts (Team XFL/Soundstream) took the Best of Show with a 135.0 in DB5.

Sound Quality had a decent turnout with competitors from three states competing for top honors. This event saw something that rarely happens. Chris Oliphant (Wall Street's Finest/JL Audio)competes in the Stock SQ division which is the 1st level of competition in MECA's SQ program. His score of 73.5 not only earned him a 1st place victory in Stock SQ, but also the SQ High Score of the Day.

Show and Shine competitors from three different car clubs competed for top honors in MECA's 9 class show and shine. Street Styles of Tennessee took home the club participation award and multiple 1st and 2nd place victories. Brian Rozzo (PMCC) took home Best in Show.

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