MECA Competition Recap

There were 53 vehicles for SQL and SPL contests in MECA at the Spring Break Nationals.

Jessie Johnson (Gorilla Audio) from IL won the Sound Pressure League Best of Show.

Craig Butler from GA won the Sound Pressure Best of Show with 179.7 dB in X2.

Mikey Pilato won the Park & Pound Best of Show with 135.7 dB in DB5.

Robert Hilton (Audison/Hertz/JL Audio) from GA won the Sound Quality League Best of Show.

Steve Cook (Audio X/Incriminator/Zapco) from AL won the Sound Quality Best of Show with 84.3 points in Modex.

Chad Romano from FL won the Install Best of Show with 76 points in Modified Install.

Rob Rice (Car Toys) from OK had the highest score in SQ2+ with 172 points.

SQL Judges Vinny Taylor (TN), David Hogan (AL), and Justin Polk (FL) received many compliments on their good work in the lanes.

Thanks to:

Thanks to Jose from Beyma for helping to sponsor the awards.

Thanks to Paul and the SBN crew for including MECA in the event and putting on a great show!