Press Release

IASCA Worldwide has announced that this year’s Spring Break Nationals will host the inaugural “Triple Crown Cup” event in the IASCA SBN competition.

“Triple Crown competition will be a onetime per year event at SBN; it’s for all competitors who enter all three sound quality formats; SQC, IQC and RTA/SPL” said Moe Sabourin, IASCA’s Director of Operations “Everyone who enters all three formats at SBN will automatically be entered into Triple Crown. There’s no additional entry fee to compete in it; we’re doing this for our members as a thank you for their support. There’s even a discounted entry fee for competitors who enter all three formats at SBN.”

The Triple Crown Cup (see photo) will be the top award for the competitor who demonstrates that their system is the best in all three traditional forms of SQ competition. Scoring is based on the percentage of the total score available to make competition fair for all sound quality classes. “With this type of scoring, competitors at all levels of competition have a shot at the Cup” Sabourin added “The Triple Crown Champion will have their name added to the Cup and as this is the inaugural year for the event, being the first person to win the Cup will have special meaning.”

The Triple Crown Cup Champion has the option to take the Cup home with them or leave it in IASCA’s possession through the year. They will receive another cup to take home as well. If the Champion chooses to take the actual Cup home with them, it must be returned to IASCA at the following year’s Finals to be awarded to the next year’s winner. As the names on the Cup add up, the base of the award will be built up to accommodate more winners.
For more information on IASCA and the Triple Crown Cup, visit IASCA’s website at, or contact Moe Sabourin at