At CES Directed Electronics announced that its industry-leading Viper vehicle security and remote start brand would expand into the window film category.

Viper Window Film is a specially designed non-metallic film that doesn’t impede the radio frequency signals (including cellular smartphone signals) that communicate with and operate Viper security and remote start systems in the vehicle. Beyond that, though, the different products in the line can reject heat and UV rays or strengthen your car's windows and more.

"We’ve been researching window film technology over the last several years," said Kevin Duffy, President of Directed Electronics, "and we’ve identified innovations that consumers really value. What we’re bringing to market with Viper Window Film is the strength of the Viper brand to drive demand, high quality, easy-to-install tint, hands-on training, and merchandising that we believe will increase the size of the market. Remote start has traditionally been a cold weather category, while window film tends to skew towards hot weather, promising year-round activity for Viper retailers."

The company is introducing three lines of Viper Window Film:

Viper Ultra Film – Significantly reduces temperature in the vehicle with multiple shade and size options

Viper Security Film – Designed to deter content theft by strengthening the vehicle glass

Viper Ceramic Film – Provides maximum UV and infrared heat rejection

The Viper brand has received more than half a billion publicity impressions in the past year because of innovative new products like Viper SmartStart, which lets users start their car from virtually anywhere with their smartphone. The company intends to build on that favorable publicity with an aggressive marketing campaign for Viper Window Film which will include advertising, in-store merchandising and online promotions designed to drive interested consumers directly to Viper Window Film retailers.

"In a largely unbranded category, Viper Window Film will stand out on the sales floor with high- impact graphics, compelling merchandising and point-of-purchase materials. And of course, with the top rated customer service team in the industry, we plan to support our Viper Window Film dealers like no one else can," added Duffy.
Directed Electronics, recently honored by Mobile Electronics Magazine as Manufacturer of the Year, is proud to offer an American-made window film of the highest quality, with a lifetime warranty. These products will be sold and installed at select retailers nationwide.

For more information about Directed and Viper Window Film, please call (800) 876-0800 or visit