Press Release

Kenwood USA Corporation announces the delivery of five high-performance CD receivers that will be sold exclusively through the Kenwood Excelon retailer network.

The flagship model in the Kenwood Excelon CD receiver lineup is the KDC-X995 ($380.00 suggested retail price). Three key technologies are built into the unit for the first time; HD Radio, Bluetooth and Pandora Internet Radio link, making the KDC-X995 a standout model that truly fits the audio enthusiast lifestyle. The upgraded audio and data service features of HD Radio take full advantage of the audio performance and large display of the Kenwood. Pandora Internet Radio can now be controlled and viewed via the front panel of the KDC-X995, adding to driver safety and convenience.

Through wireless connection via Bluetooth, full names and numbers from a cell phone’s address book can be seen on the five-line variable color LCD display, which has easier visibility and faster scrolling of multiple names and numbers as well as music files. Selectable text sizing allows the option to choose larger text or a higher quantity of text depending on user preference. A unique master control center with volume knob duplicates many of the functions of the iPod for more intuitive operation.

The KDC-X895 ($290.00 suggested retail price) offers built-in Bluetooth and a dedicated front panel key that is reserved for hands-free cell phone operation. Adding to the safety factor is a three-line display that can be switched to a larger font, two-line format for easier reading of phone numbers, music and source data. Variable color illumination of the display and backlit keys allows the user to match the color of the KDC-X895 to the dashboard lighting of almost any vehicle. The KDC-X695 ($250.00 suggested retail price) has the performance and functionality of the KDC-X895 with the exception of variable color illumination and is equipped with a 13 segment, single-line display.

For iPod enthusiasts, the KDC-X595 ($220.00 suggested retail price) is a perfect choice. The variable-color, three-line LCD display can be switched to two-line view for larger, easier reading of text or the display can be operated in three-line mode so that all artist, song title, album title and other data can be seen. Completing the Kenwood Excelon CD receiver lineup is the KDC-X395 ($190.00 suggested retail price) which has the functionality and performance of the KDC-X595 with the exception of variable color illumination and is equipped with a 13 segment, single-line display.

The KDC-X995, KDC-X895, KDC-X695, KDC-X595 and KDC-X395 come with a two-year manufacturer’s limited warranty and are available only through authorized Kenwood Excelon retailers.

Model Sugg. Retail Price Availability
KDC-X995 $380.00 Now
KDC-X895 $290.00 Now
KDC-X695 $250.00 Now
KDC-X595 $220.00 Now
KDC-X395 $190.00 Now