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Thread: Acura TSX Gen 1, 2004-2008, nav or non-nav

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    Acura TSX Gen 1, 2004-2008, nav or non-nav

    This post doesn't list wire colors because the wire colors change from year to year (but pin locations remain constant). Please feel free to post wire colors BUT LIST YEAR!

    The 3x3 Matrix for the 2004-2008 TSX is (from the OE source unit):Balanced, Flat, Full-range

    There is a slight auto-loudness feature, but above around 20 or so the signal is flat. There is plenty of gain and the OE source unit sounds clean and clear all the way to maximum volume.

    Here is the HU output at a low volume setting, 10 of 40 (40 clicks of volume, output is clean at 40 of 40). You can see the gentle auto-loudness response consistent with preamp IC auto-loudness features.

    But here is the output at a higher setting (25 or 30 of 40).

    This is true for nav and non-nav cars.

    The easiest way to get the signals is to remove the shifter bezel, the ashtray, and the storage pocket, and get to the OE amplifier on the transmission hump (it is black and slightly bigger than a pack of 100's).

    There you will find balanced signal pairs for F Rt, F L, R Rt, R Lt. There is also a remote turn on wire.

    Known ways to interface with this car:

    True Balanced-Differential inputs on an amplifier (Examples: JL, Arc Audio on RCAs, Zapco on Symbilink)

    Effective isolation before a common-ground-RCA amplifier.

    Untested but theoretically-sound approaches:

    Using a line driver with balanced in (RF, Arc, Cache, Zapco SLB-U)

    Things you do NOT need to interface with this car:

    ANY OE interface device! No CleanSweep, no 360.1/2, no LC6/7/8, no ReQ, nothing of that sort. No de-processing needed.

    That said, if I used an MS-8, I'd run the preamp signal in the RCA inputs if they truly are the balanced input I'm told they are, and I wouldn't do the OEM signal reversal step at all.

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    Wish the G was that clean.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bassfromspace View Post
    Wish the G was that clean.
    The non-Bose G, you mean...

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    That's a cool little meter/RTA. What is it?

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    It appears to be an NTI, model number 503-222-1305. :p

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    Also known as the NTI Acoustilyzer. NTI was spun off from Neutrik a few years back.

    Bought it before the Phonic PAA2/3/x were available in the States. Wouldn't spend this again, with what's available for netbooks. The Phonic PAA2 and 3 won't save measurements that come in the XLR, only ones using the internal mic - and while they're lots cheaper than the NTI, they aren't as cheap as the True RTA/Icicle or MicMate combo, and aren't as good either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OSN View Post
    It appears to be an NTI, model number 503-222-1305. :p
    LOL. That was the number for the shop we had at that time... in case we left it under someone's seat...

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    Good point. But sometimes you don't want to use a computer. Handheld single-purpose devices are often quicker.

    But when they cost ~a grand, give or take, and it's a hobby rather than a job, that is a strong argument for just whipping out the damn computer!

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    When I was looking at using a 2K laptop, I felt that way too. When I'm thinking about using a $299 and up netbook, it's less of a deal. The Phonic is $299ish, and you need an XLR cable. The netbook requires an XLR and an Icicle or MicMate.

    The Acoustilyzer kit I got came with a battery-powered calibrated mic, an XLR inline attenuator, a signal generator that syncs to the Acoustilyzer, a full-blown kit for $1700. At the time it was a hobby.

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    Little help on one of these! feeding a 360.2 high level out of the factory amp since the rockford won't take balanced. getting all sorts of turn on and pop noises out of it. The factory turn on out of the headunit is on whenever the car is on even if the radio is off. any thoughts?
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