This system has a 6" subwoofer in the center console, on the floor.

The OE source unit has front, rear, and sub balanced outputs to the OE amplifier, and these outputs have fixed equalization and crossover points usable in many systems.

The 3x3 Matrix for this car is Balanced, Fixed EQ, Usable Crossover Filter Points (~90 Hz).

Output from the OE source unit to the amp for the subwoofer channel.

Output for the front door speakers.

The EQ is fixed - it does not vary with volume.

I haven't done an actual install on this car, but here are a few ways I would approach it:

- Run the front and rear outputs into different channels of a Zapco DC amplifier, using a hacked Symbilink cable. Then play pink noise through the HU and connect the RTA to the outputs of the DC amp, and tune the output to flat. THEN start acoustic tuning.

- Using the above method with any EQ - DSP-6, DQX, miniDSP with balanced conversion,

- Run the front and rear inputs into some OEM reversing processor such as a CleanSweep, a 360.2, a H650/660, a bitOne, or an MS-8. The factory volume control can be retained.