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Thread: Open Baffle, Semi-portable solution... maybe

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    Open Baffle, Semi-portable solution... maybe

    I used to keep a JVC jambox outside in my storage shed, and I would listen to music while I did stuff outside, mainly washing and waxing the cars. Well, time caught up to me and the jambox has ceased to work. I was looking around, clearing out old gear, and I noticed that I had some Alpine Type S coaxials. I figured I could build a couple of upside down T's out of cheap shelving boards, and mount my 6.5s in those. I also have one of those Dayton Class T amps and a few portable media players that should easily work as a source for music.

    Is there any reason that I should go with a traditional box over an open baffle setup for these speakers that would otherwise do nothing except sit there to rot in peace? I figure for $6 in materials and about an hour's worth of time, it could be a worthwhile experiment. Furthermore, if I don't like it, I'm only out $6 and one hour's worth of time.:gr_grin: Granted, if a box would be better, $12 in materials should do it.

    My main goal for this setup is to have something that I can easily take just about anywhere to have a little music versus wearing headphones. Aside from working out, I tend to have bad luck destroying portable media players when using things that will easily destroy them, whether it is water, a degausser, or just accidentally catching the cord and flinging it to the ground.:o

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    Since you're starting a new project, why not try something like:
    Entry Speaker or
    Bookshelf Speaker
    It'll be sweet since you'll be moving around - omnidirectional FTW
    Just find a way to mount a sphere above your coaxial ;)

    When I'll be on vacation, I'd like to tackle ^ this with my K2P set...


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    sell the coaxes and shove up some all weather speakers in the car-port. Or spend 6 bucks and build some enclosures for the coaxes and wrap them in plastic bags.

    One of the best birthday presents I have received from my wife were in-wall speakers for my garage.... I wanted them for shits N grins. I use them more than you could imagine.
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