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Thread: 2006 Mazda RX-8 w/Bose

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    2006 Mazda RX-8 w/Bose

    This is what I've found with many Mazda, Nissan/Infiniti, and other Bose systems. Even though the head unit says Bose on it somewhere, it's NOT a Bose HU (Bose doesn't MAKE head units). Bose contractually requires the head unit to say "Bose", regardless of who makes it -and the head unit has to supply a flat, full-range signal to the Bose amp (which is where the evil Bose magic happens).

    In the Mazdas, this signal is usually balanced.

    So this signal is Flat, Full-range, Balanced (works great into Symbilink, or JL RCAs, etc.)

    Flat as a pancake

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    Do these systems with balanced outputs use standard audio connectors or are they typically molex connectors that you just have to hack into and covert to something like XLR?
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    hack, hack away. OR find the other sex connector and make an adapter.

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    They are molex.

    Manville did measurements of a non-bose mazda6, which shows probably what the bose amp does as well.

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    Proprietary connectors, for sure. Some folks buy an old amp off eBay motors and desolder the female pcb connector for a homebrew adapter harness.

    If the processing was identical, I'd be way pissed as a Bose or customer... But since the Bose amp usually has more channels and some active cover filters, it's a different signal, even if we ignore the eq. Eq is also different - I think for the Bose drivers.


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